Nosy Neighbors Got You Down? Consider A Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is a nice way to keep out unwanted eyes from your yard or home. These are generally solid fences that are fairly high so people can not easily peer over them. Families who have small children who often play in the backyard sometimes use privacy fences. Also, people who have pools or hot tubs often want to use a privacy fence in order to keep people from looking in on the activities occurring in the backyard. Anyone who wants an added bit of security will want to have a privacy fence installed if there is not one already there. 

A privacy fence can be very decorative. It can be made from a variety of materials and depending on the area you want blocked off you can make it an industrial look or a very homey look. Whatever your personal style and taste is, there is a type of privacy fence available to you. Some people choose to not even use a traditional fence for privacy but instead use shrubs or trees. They will line the area with close fitting tall shrubs or trees. This is very nice because it lends an attractive look to the landscape. For people who have gardens, hot tubs or pools, this option may be particularly appealing. The downside to this type of privacy fence is that it will need much more maintenance to care for and trim the shrubs or trees so they stay attractive.

Privacy fences can be made of wood also. These are usually treated wood that is approximately eight feet tall. A decorative topper can also be added. Because the privacy fence is typically solid, it can look a little plain especially if it is being used around a home. You will want to make it a little more attractive while maintaining the functional use for it as well. A decorative lattice work on the top will help achieve that. A privacy fence can also be made of other materials including chain link and vinyl. For a chain link fence, slats are woven among the links to create a solid wall.

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