Dekalb County Fencing Company

With a population of 691,893 in the 30322, 30002, 30329 area, there is a need for homeowners to have the most professional, and top quality fencers to fulfill their fencing needs.  Look no further than McIntyre Fencing Company, your Dekalb County Fencing Company. Finding the right Dekalb County GA fence company is not always easy. Many companies will make promises they cannot possibly deliver on. They do this simply because they would like for you to buy from them. Down the road you find you have purchased a fence you are not happy with that was installed incorrectly and cost you way too much. This will not happen if you choose McIntyre Fence Company as your Dekalb County GA fence company.

Giant Selection  

McIntyre Fence Company has an extensive catalog of fences, with gates to match, for you to browse. Our broad selection sets us apart from our competitors. You will be able to browse through the many different styles and designs of fences to choose the exact fence you want. We will even help you to choose the fence which best suits your property as well as the gate which best complements it.

Professional Installation

Our installation crews at McIntyre Fence Company will be able to install your new fence on time and without any problems. We can do this because of the amount of fences we have installed in the past without any problems. You will find our fences will outlast the competition because of the strength and the durability our crews provide your installation.

Unbeatable Prices

Since our stock is bought in bulk, you will be able to buy your new fence at the lowest price. This is just one of the reasons why McIntyre Fence Company is one of the best fences for your money. Our price is an extension of our service to you as the customer. It’s a cut price, but never cut quality at  McIntyre Fence Company, your Macon fencing company.

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